The Pony Club

Across the British Isles, the Pony Club, founded in 1928, flourishes. Each is named for the hunt or hunts in their immediate area. There are four Pony Clubs in Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt country.

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The Chiddingfold Farmers Pony Club

District Commissioners : Sarah Halsey and Alex Randell
Hon Secretary : Annette Hammond
Website :

The Chiddingfold Pony Club

District Commissioner : Mrs Andrea Hurley
Membership Secretary : Mrs Belinda Butcher
\Website :

The Lord Leconfield Pony Club

District Commissioner : Clare Emery
Hon Secretary : Sarah Meurer
Website : http//branches.pcuk/lordleconfield

The Cowdray Pony Club

District Commissioner : Catherine Myers
Membership Secretary : Becky Harris
Website :

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