For the coming season, both The Plantation Barmdean and our friends at Horse Riding Surrey will have hirelings available ….

The Plantation Bramdean has horses available for hire — all shapes, sizes and ability available. From thrusting at the front to hacking at the back of the field, we can supply a horse available to suit everyone’s needs. We deliver horses to the meet and provide an escort service if needed. Horses available to try and hack before the hunting day if needed. Please contact Julie Butler on 07771 634718 or


Horse Riding Surrey are based (as might be supposed) in Surrey. They have a selection of seasoned hunters ranging from 15.2 hh to 16.3hh, most of whom have competed either in eventing or show-jumping. Their web address, featuring most of their hunters, can be found at: To make an enquiry or to book, please contact Alex Marsh on

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