While we let our youngest puppies (featured recently in the breeding details) settle into their puppy walking homes, we are thrilled to hear from Layla Loughan. The Loughan family are not only walking three of our older puppies this year but also play host our annual clay shoot. This week they are introducing their puppies….

Week 1:
Hello, my name is Layla and I have a brother called, Hendricks, and sister, Matilda. I live at Mill Farm Lurgashall with our parents called Andrew and Jenny.
In 2019, we did our first ever puppy walking experience. Which was great fun. Last year we had three dogs called
Regent, Redditch and Rector.
On the 19 January 2020, we went to visit three hound puppies they were all bitches. They were born on 11 December which made them only six weeks old. On the 24 January we went to pick up the beautiful hounds, and we brought them back to our farm. 
When we pick the pups up, we are given a list of names starting with the first two letters of the dad’s name. They also have to be two syllables. 
The three names we picked were:
Smasher, Smoky and Smidgen
Week 2:
Whilst the pups don’t have their jabs, we are lucky enough to still be able to exercise them each day on our farm. But when they have their jabs we can take them further and introduce them to new sites, animals and vehicles.
After increasing their fitness, we started lead training them as well as individual. They are also introduced to different animals for example cats, horses, ducks and chickens, sheep and pigs.
Every day we have to feed the pups mince from the kennels and they have bones to chew on

 Thank you for this most informative update!