Funny how it all comes around again. We are head over heels with anticipation for another barnstorming season and not just from the legend that is, was and will always be Miss Jo Burdett. Prepare to abandon all dignity (like Miss Jo Burdett). This season, in a effort to keep the Edge family solvent, children under ten will only incur fines of £2 and there will be sensible ‘capping’ for repeat offenders. Despite appearances, Miss Jo Burdett is over ten-years-old.


JOE_9165 (1)

Sponsored Ride at Cowdray.
Back in May this raised nearly £13,000 for the hunt and forMacmillan Cancer Care. This means after costs, a cheque to each of £5875. This is a tremendous result. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all those who helped set up, take down and for their head work on the day itself. The cheques were handed over at a party for prizewinners and helpers held at the Forester’s Arms, Graffham …


The first
Team Clay Shoot was a resounding success on Sunday. Dare we say it went out with a bang? We may.

Huge thanks to
Andrew and Jenny Loughan at Mill Farm, Rakers for the gorgeous trophies, the Hunt Supporters for the loan of the marquee and BBQ and to the following wonderful helpers on the day: Karen Barker, Zoe Brackpool, Karen Dallyn, Lindsey Ellis, Tim Mardles and Mark Rees, .

Many congratulations to the winning team,
TEAM REED, consisting of Andrew Cox, Dominic Gardner, Georgie Marland, George Mayhew and Mike Smith with chef d’equipe Martin Reed


2nd PALLINGHAM (Andy Cooper, Jack Hendy, Tom Hickman, Mike Stanley, Rob Wilkins)

3rd CHRIMONICH (Monty Dix, Nimrod Dix, Richard Powell, Jack Smallman, Charles Voyantzis)

4th 3 AMIGOS, BILL & BEN (Dominic Geary, Jayne Geary, Martin Geary, Mark Rees, Gerald Whittaker)

5th McDAVID (Jack Baird, Nick Baird, Julia McDavid, Olivia McDavid, William McDavid)

6th CRASHING BORES (James Davis, James Patrick, Andrew Reed, Julian Trumper)

7th SMALL BORES (Lucy Hobden, Will Hobden, William Tompkins, William Trumper)

8th DALLYN (Lee Dallyn, Nigel Dallyn, Rodney Jeffries, James Spriggings, Chris Vincent)

9th STUBBS (Henry Bourne, Nick Denning, Charles Homan MFH, Andrew Stephenson, Richard Stubbs)

10th SAM’S ELITE (Sam Ellis, David Stotter, Fred Thompson, Dave Tracey, John

11th ALLINGHAM (Lawrence Abel, Alfie Allingham, Coco Allingham, Owain Jones, Millie

12th BAKER (Casper Baker, Charlie Baker, Harry Baker, Portia Baker, Simon Gray)

13th SHITTY, SHITTY, BANG, BANG! (James Bengyfield, Simon Craig, Jim Forshaw, Josh
Read, Rob Terpstra)

14th BIG BORES (Mark Hobden. Harry Patrick, Charles Reed, David Reed, David Trafford)