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If you are intending to come out mounted with us, you must download and sign the attached disclaimer. 
Those who have subscribed will have signed one already and returned it to Secretary Deborah, who keeps a record.  If you haven’t, please do so. 

You will need to sign one whether you come out once or on several occasions, though obviously you need to do so only once per season. 

If you are bringing friends, it would help hugely if you warned them in advance that they must do this.
The Secretaries will be happy to take them from you on the day but they
must be completed in advance.

You can find the disclaimer

Red Ribbons

red ribbon
In advance of the new season, perhaps this is a good moment to remind you about the wearing of red ribbons.
Firstly, it is the absolute responsibility of anyone who rides a horse that is liable to kick that they keep them well away from others and in particular children.
As regards red ribbons – wearing a red ribbon as a warning to other riders is no excuse
whatsoever for allowing your horse to join the throng.
If you think that your horse is not to be trusted and you feel you need to wear a red ribbon then please note that this also necessitates keeping that horse well away from the field – at the back.
The principle of wearing a red ribbon does not absolve individual responsibility.