From Deborah and Michael Boulton
Drastic and Drizzle are now big enough to go on longer walks so we have ventured out in the car. They are the first in all the years I have been walking puppies to not have any accidents in the car. They seem to love their travels  and often don’t want to get out when we get back home.
We took them up to the downs for a change of scenery and some new smells. They were very well behaved and even stayed with us when we were passed by other people and dogs. They loved running through the wheat fields.
This weekend we took them to the beach. I kept them on the leads until we got to a quiet place as I think the temptation of people sitting on blankets would have been too great. They both just have to say hello to everyone they meet, especially small children which are easily knocked over and licked to death. I don’t think picnics would have lasted long either!
They both came into the sea for a paddle which was very brave considering the waves were quite big for them. Drizzle managed to find a dead fish which she didn’t want to share with Drastic so they had a good tugging match. 
Here are some pictures of their time on the beach. 

What an interesting and informative update. Thank you!