Puppy Show (2018) | RESULTS


Mr Matthew Puffer and Mr Andrew Sallis MFH

1. Dante (walked by Mr Roger Jarrad)
2. Radar (walked by Mrs Diane Evans)
Waggoner (walked by Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)

Ratify (walked by Mrs Deborah Boulton)
Damson (walked by Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)
3. Dainty (walked by Mr Charles Homan MFH)

Doghound : Dante
Bitch : Ratify
Champion : Ratify

Cup Winners
The Hunt Supporters Cup : Radical (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Graffham Cup : Draper (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Kathleen Elwin Cup : Delilah (Mr & Mrs David Subtil)
The Masters Cup : Maverick (Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)
The Shirley Reed Cup : Bobbin (Mrs Deborah Boulton)
The Harold Wait Cup : Mafia (The Hoskins Family)
The Joy and Stan Mayes Trophy : Farmer (Mr & Mrs David Subtil)


Ardingly (2018) 2Having missed the Surrey Union Hound show, this was our first outing of the showing season it was a most encouraging start — even though we took no unentered hounds on this occasion. Once again, we faced fierce competition from the four-day-a-week packs, the Heythrop and the VWH who rightly did well all day, but we more than held our own in several classes. In the dog hound classes we were rewarded with the Championship and in the bitches the Local Championship. The judges were: 

Mr Jeremy Reed M.F.H. and Mr Trevor Adams (dogs) 
Mr Richard Tyacke M.F.H. and Mr Charles Clark M.F.H. (bitches)

Class 1 : Best Entered Doghound :
1st  CL&C Droitwich (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)


(2nd:  CL&C Dragon;  3rd:  Surrey Union: Trader)
Class 3 : Best Couple of Entered Doghounds :
2nd  CL&C Dragon & Draper  (Goschen Challenge Trophy)
(1st:  VWH  Fielding & Paragon;  3rd:  Kimblewick: Botham & Forecourt)
Class 4 : Best Two Couple of Entered Doghounds :
3rd  CL&C Dragon & Draper; Maestro and Malham  (June Wood Memorial Trophy)
(1st:  VWH  2nd:  Heythrop)
Class 6 : Championship Best Doghound
Champion: CL&C Dragon  (Barlow Perpetual Challenge Cup)


Reserve:  VWH Fielding
Local Champion: CL&C Dragon  (Robson Challenge Trophy)


Class 7: Best Entered Bitch Hound
1st  CL&C Delilah (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)
(2nd:  Old Berks Dante;  3rd:  Crawley & Horsham: Beanie)
Class 12 : Championship Best Bitch Hound
Local Champion: CL&C Delilah (Robson Challenge Trophy)
Champion: Heythrop Static
Reserve:  VWH Haughty