How the Hunt Can Save Your LIfe!

Master Charles learned his CPR training from Joe Bird. It’s a requirement that the Hunt has qualified first-aiders. On June 17, at Trotton, he put it into actionFrom the Midhurst and Petworth Observer
imageDean Davie from Bromley, was cycling from Guildford to Portsmouth with his 18 year old son Jed and three friends, when he collapsed and fell from his bike, not breathing and with no pulse, outside the home of Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt Master of Foxhounds Charles Homan and his wife Colleen.

“I was working on the patio when we heard his son bellowing for help,” said Charles, “I ran down to see what was happening and saw Dean on the ground. He was not breathing and basically dead. A fellow villager Veronica Carter stopped and phoned 999 and I ran to get Dr Priscilla Noble-Mathews who is a emergency medic. Then with my wife overseeing Dean, I jumped in the car and collected the defibrillator from the telephone box in Mill Lane.”

Charles was trained to use the life saving machine through the hunt and putting his new knowledge into action, he got Dean breathing again.

A team of villagers carried on giving him CPR before paramedics, the air and road ambulance crews and police arrived.
“Dean is now in QA Hospital at Portsmouth and has been responding well to treatment considering what he has been through,” said Charles. “He was reportedly joking with the doctors on Sunday night and managed to get out of bed and sit up.”

The idea of installing the Trotton defibrillator came from the late parish council chairman Chris Hodgson. Parish councillors had it installed and offered training to local people.
“It is brilliant - so clever and easy to use and talking to you telling you what to do all the time,” said Charles. “All villages should investigate getting one as Dean would not be with us without it.
“The message is, find out where the defibrillator is i…

South of England Show | RESULTS

The CL&C had a very encouraging start to the main showing season. We could show only the dog hounds because Mr Nigel Peel, one of our Hound Trustees, was judging the bitches; but it was an exciting morning.  Once again, we faced fierce competition from the always highly-fancied Heythrop, who did well (and rightly so).

The judges were: 
Mr Martin Scott and Mr Rory Knight-Bruce

Class 1 : Best Entered Doghound :
1st  CL&C Mascot  (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)
(3rd:  Old Berks Broker;  2nd:  E. Sussex & Romney Marsh: Darwin)
Class 2 : Best Couple of Unentered Doghounds :
2nd  CL&C Dragon and Droitwitch  
(3rd:  Crawley & Horsham Safeguard & Samson; 1st:  Heythrop  Rambler & Rancher)
Reserve: CL&C Dragon
(Champion:  Heythrop Rancher)
Class 3 : Best Couple of Entered Doghounds :
1st  CL&C Mandate & Mascot 
(The Weller Perpetual Challenge Cup and Goschen Challenge Trophy)
(3rd:  Surrey Union  Stinger & Stockman;  2nd:  Heythrop: Wooton & Worcester)
 Class 5 : Best Stallion Hound :
1st  CL&C Grafton  (The Anthony Hart Memorial Cup)
( 3rd: Southdown & Eridge  Dasher; 2nd  Heythrop Wooton)
Class 6 : Best Doghound
Reserve: CL&C Dragon (Challenge Trophy for Local Championship)
Champion:  Heythrop Rancher
Class 13 : The Barclay Perpetual Challenge Cup for Best Overall Performance
The CL&C Hunt