Jul 2020

CL&C FUN RIDES | New dates | All Welcome!

Join us this summer for a fun & friendly hack through the beautiful West Sussex countryside. Our guided rides take in private farmland, woodland, forest and the bridleways of the South Downs with stunning views across the county.

● New routes each week
● Rides last 1 ½-2 hours
● Easy & safe parking
● Compliant with Government & BHS safety standards for Covid-19


Ride times will generally be available from 9am until around 10.30 in small groups of no more than 5 guests while restrictions are in place. Let us know your timing preference when booking.
Riders over 12 yrs :
Riders 12 & under :
£15 (see rules for u18s below)

Locations are as follows. Detailed parking information will be provided upon booking.


11th July - Milland (Route 1)

Parking at Redford Farm, Milland, GU30 7NF

18th July - Sutton

Parking at Strood Farm, Petworth, GU28 0JN

1st August - Cocking Down/Charlton Forest

Parking at Manor Farm, Cocking, GU29 0HJ

8th August - Milland (Route 2)

Parking at Lyford Farm, GU30 7NA
At the moment rides will be guided in small groups of no more than 5 guests but this may change based on Government Covid-19 rules. You can book individually or book in with friends as long as no single group is larger than 5 people. We may be able to accommodate faster and slower groups (walk & trot only, or with some canter) so let us know your preference when you book in. Ride whatever you normally ride in but safety hats, suitable riding footwear & safe tack are essential.
Children are welcome. Children 12 yrs & under must have mounted adult supervision (18 yrs+). This chaperone may not be responsible for more than two children 12 yrs & under. Children aged 13-17yrs must have an adult staying at parking. All children must ride with emergency p
arental contact information for the day.


Entries open until 10am the Friday before the ride or when the ride is full.
Book in by emailing the form attached to Nadine Crouch at speak@clandchunt.co.uk.

For further assistance please call
Nadine on
07973 182414



From Diane and David Evans with Drama and Draftsman

The other evening I could not find my iPhone. I searched until midnight, went to bed and resumed searching the following morning. Nothing. I contacted Apple support and got taken through the Find My iPhone app - no result apart from locking the phone. Despair frustration and searching on.
But even Apple can’t match the powers of a foxhound puppy. As I left the haystore, a smiling wife appeared waving the iPhone! She had found Drama (well named) the bitch puppy proudly carrying it round the orchard. Where it had been in the meantime we shall never know!

Thank you for this amusing update!