CL&C Point-to-Point | This Saturday

The CL&C Point to Point

Saturday 27th April 2019

Parham, Storrington, RH20 2ER

Gates open 10.30am
We are looking forward to seeing you, your families and friends at Parham on Saturday either helping or enjoying the day. Early bird tickets can still be bought at or tickets can be bought on the gate. 

Chid & Leconfield-Point to Point



On a sunny, if brisk, Saturday morning, the Hunt took part in an early morning parade at Goodwood racetrack to open the 77th Members’ Meeting. Mr Edge brought hounds, assisted by Miss Lawes and 16 mounted field attended, several at side-saddle, as well as many foot followers. Mr Meadows organised the day and was co-opted as Fieldmaster. He did a sterling job and did not lose any of the field, nor did he get lost himself. Thank you to all who took part (and enjoyed the opportunities and the excitements later in the day at Goodwood)