From Deborah and Michael Boulton

Drastic and Drizzle are growing fast and have now had their jabs so can go out into the big wide world. We have been out on a number of walks, starting with just going out for a short time as they get very tired with all the new experiences and you don’t want them to over do it as they are growing. The lead training is paying off as I have to walk along a road for a short while to get to the path and they have both been very good. 
They have managed to deal with logs across the path, foot bridges (without falling off them or trying to go into the ditch and not being able to get out) and meeting new people and their dogs. We also saw cows and a lamb. I won’t introduce them to the horses until they are a bit bigger. 
They both have very different personalities. Drizzle although smaller is braver and more out going whereas Drastic will run away and hide. Drastic prefers to follow Drizzle and both are far braver when following our dog Sasha. 

Thank you for this welcome update!