South of England Show | RESULTS

The CL&C had a very encouraging start to the main showing season. We could show only the dog hounds because Mr Nigel Peel, one of our Hound Trustees, was judging the bitches; but it was an exciting morning.  Once again, we faced fierce competition from the always highly-fancied Heythrop, who did well (and rightly so).

The judges were: 
Mr Martin Scott and Mr Rory Knight-Bruce

Class 1 : Best Entered Doghound :
1st  CL&C Mascot  (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)
(3rd:  Old Berks Broker;  2nd:  E. Sussex & Romney Marsh: Darwin)
Class 2 : Best Couple of Unentered Doghounds :
2nd  CL&C Dragon and Droitwitch  
(3rd:  Crawley & Horsham Safeguard & Samson; 1st:  Heythrop  Rambler & Rancher)
Reserve: CL&C Dragon
(Champion:  Heythrop Rancher)
Class 3 : Best Couple of Entered Doghounds :
1st  CL&C Mandate & Mascot 
(The Weller Perpetual Challenge Cup and Goschen Challenge Trophy)
(3rd:  Surrey Union  Stinger & Stockman;  2nd:  Heythrop: Wooton & Worcester)
 Class 5 : Best Stallion Hound :
1st  CL&C Grafton  (The Anthony Hart Memorial Cup)
( 3rd: Southdown & Eridge  Dasher; 2nd  Heythrop Wooton)
Class 6 : Best Doghound
Reserve: CL&C Dragon (Challenge Trophy for Local Championship)
Champion:  Heythrop Rancher
Class 13 : The Barclay Perpetual Challenge Cup for Best Overall Performance
The CL&C Hunt