Ever wondered what walking hound puppies entails? Want to get to know our future entry?
We are very lucky to be able to give you an insight into what our hound pups are getting up to with their walkers this year. We would like to thank the walkers, who will be introduced soon, for taking the time to send us some photos and details of their escapades!To introduce them, here is the breeding history and a little interesting info. Many thanks to two of our Hound Trustees,
Mr Nigel Peel MFH and Mrs Shirley Reed for helping to put this part together. 


Draycott was Unentered Reserve Champion at Peterborough and Unentered Champion at Bulith Wells. He is a terrific dog in his work. His sister, Drumbeat, was walked for Mr Peel by Robert and Jane Myam, who when they lived at Steepwood, Adbersane, were great supporters of the CL&C.