The Mastership

The responsibility for managing the Hunt lies with the Mastership.

Vicki Wilkins MFH, Joint Master

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Vicky Wilkins joined the mastership in the 2014-5 season. She previously hunted with the Southdown & Eridge for 9 years before moving to Sussex. And a fearless field master she has turned out to be (as you can see). She and her husband Rob run a 630 acre mixed farm with a shoot near Wisborough Green. Vicky is responsible for the Pulborough country and is master-in-charge of the hunt horses.

Robin Muir MFH, Joint Master

Jeremy Instone MFH (1)
Robin Muir, who joined the Mastership in 2008, is fortunate to have some very obliging horses who make him look a far better rider than he is.  In truth he was runner up in 2006, 2007 and 2010’s ‘Tumblers League', the tally to which he assiduously keeps.  He is also editor of Horn & Hound, the CL&C magazine, and welcomes submissions anytime.  He is never happier than with a pile of papers and liaises with the National Trust, Forestry Commission and the MoD.

Charles Homan MFH, Joint Master

Charles Homan has joined the Mastership for the season 2012-13. A life-long follower of the CL&C, he first rode out as a young boy with the Goschen Hunt in and around the area where he now lives.  As many grateful children (and parents) know, he is an enthusiastic promoter of the young within the Hunt.  Charles will be responsible for much of the area to the west of our country.  A long-time puppy walker, he has already been a vital presence on the Events Committee and will continue to be treasurer of the Hunt Supporters' Committee.

Julian Edge MFH, Joint Master

Julian Edge first hunted 23 years ago and has been an amateur whip for the CL&C since 2008. He knows the country extensively and is now responsible for the ‘central’ swathe. He assists at kennels whenever the opportunity arises and has assisted at every puppy show for the last decade. With an intimate knowledge of hounds and houndwork, he is master with particular responsibility towards the kennels.

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