Tumblers Reports 2010/11

Tumblers League Table - 2010/11

Indicates a new entry in the table or a tumbler who has changed position in the table.

Falls Tumbler Where & How
4 Honor Uloth
  • Fair Oak: Marshland and stray branch made for a sad inevitability
  • Holland Wood: Said 'hello' to nasty jutting out bit of tree. It was impolite.
  • Holland Wood: Pony rolled after TREMENDOUS run. It was impolite too.
  • Goodwood: Pony jealous of owner's 'Happy Birthday' tributes. And rolled.
4 Trish Morley
  • Woodhouse Farm: Moment of madness at the new rails (part 2)
  • Hurlands Farm: Moment of madness at the new rails (different new rails from above)
  • Kirdford: Spook on the road. Oh dear! Oh dear!
  • Coates: Tripped on wire. Mud bath is understating it greatly
3 Robin Muir MFH
  • Hope Farm: Pathetic 360 degree somersault at trench
  • Cathanger: Utterly pathetic 360 degree somersault at new rails
  • Stillands: Beyond pathetic drop from stationary horse. Almost not conceivably possible
2 Tinka Allingham
  • Cowdray House: Slightly mysterious incident but v. honourably admitted to
  • Hoyle Farm: Elegant dismount quite rapidly after the off. A star is born....
2 Oliver Jackson
  • The Cricketers: One fall during the day is unfortunate....
  • Lordings: ...two feels like a pattern emerging
2 John Langdon
  • Graffham: Most unexpected. Shrouded in mystery but something about a hound and shrubbery
  • Stoughton: Old school veteran, much admired by the young, still has problem with shrubbery
2 Charlotte Young
  • Goodwood: Being swept off by a low branch on a fell pony is quite an accomplishment...
  • Goodwood: ...twice and some sort of medal ought to be struck
2 Jill Stacey
  • Woodhouse Farm: Moment of madness at the new rails
  • Rotherbridge: Charged into by Chairman of Fundraising. No cash prize forthcoming
2 Mike Dicks
  • Stillands: Appeared to come off at a standstill. Unusual certainly but not unique
  • Stillands: Fell off log getting back on. Unusual certainly and quite likely to be unique
2 Kitty Addison
  • Crouchlands: Mishap over jump. Most unexpected from this promising young lady
  • Uppark: Off at a gallop. Same place as last year. Noteworthy pattern developing. See next season
2 Deborah Boulton
  • Lordings: Very nasty fall over hedge but pride damaged more than anything else (we hope!)
  • Bat & Ball: Making for home. Horse got there first
1 Helen Slaughter
  • Stag Park: unspecified incident, but state of coat gave game away
1 Oliver Shone
  • Stag Park: Grassed up by dad. (Don't worry, Ollie, it's only a matter of time)
1 Adrian Thompson
  • Stag Park: Formal christian name used to protect identity. Trapped in bog (as in marsh)
1 Tim Lee MFH
  • Stag Park: Caught in his own trap. Horrendous fall at hedge
1 Candida Langdon
  • Stag Park: Most unfortunate fall at hedge
1 Tim Staines
  • Stag Park: First Whip's first fall. Hopefully his last
1 Kerry Portsmouth
  • West Lavington: Brave stab at tiger trap. Unforgiving landing
1 Nadine Crouch
  • Fitzhall: Mother of all rears from mother of all the Crouches
1 Molly Wates
  • Fitzhall: Shied and skidded at 'white thing'. (incident speedily confirmed by Miss Honor Uloth)
1 Charles Allison
  • Rowner Farm: Balancing act goes wayward after expertly taken tiger trap
1 Justin Morgan
  • Fair Oak: Strange turn of events during gate-shutting
1 Flora James
  • Fitzhall: Trouble for brave pony and rider at a yawning ditch. Bravely attempted
1 John Gough
  • Fair Oak: Forensic examination of contents of ditch yielded some interesting results
1 Tessa Taylor
  • Hoyle Farm: Fell down rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland but without the pseudo-psychedelic consequences
1 Simon Shone
  • Hurlands Farm: Multiple lacerations after disagreement with barbed wire. Heroic decision to fight on!
1 Grace Perry
  • Hurlands Farm: Horse stood up and fell over. Looked far worse than it was, though not entirely reccommended
1 Caroline Wilkins
  • Crouchlands: Queen of the side-saddle goes out the side of her saddle. Hunt coat now required...
1 Catherine Barnwell
  • Crouchlands: Unspecified and mysterious but bravely admitted to (via Mrs Barnwell)
1 Octavia Pollock
  • The Gogs: Sharp-intake-of-breath moment: dismaying stumble from Country Life's finest
1 Mark Rees
  • Lordings: A favourite farrier falls at first fence
1 Ant Langdale
  • Charlton Forest: Having dismounted for some as yet unknown reason
1 Peter Hoare
  • West Dean Estate: Scooby saw an inviting open field and made a dash fr it. And then again
1 Tim Mardles
  • Stag Park: The Honey Monster lived up to its name and sank to it's knees at the meet
1 Jemima Taylor
  • Stag Park: Instructive 'rolling' demonstration, CL&C style, for our Welsh visitors. Thank you, Jemima
1 Mark Teear
  • Pheasant Copse: As Surtees reminds us, the most vexing falls are always on the flat. Hello rabbit hole. Goodbye Foggy
1 William Hextall
  • Malham: Inopportune moment on lead rein. Shame-faced, large chestnut 'protector' horse takes full responsibility and is very sorry.
1 Richard Hextall
  • Crouchlands: Like father, like son. Beautiful jump. Landing less impressive
1 Harriet Hextall
  • Stopham: And mother makes three. And yes, stepping off during rear does count
1 Ivan Leggatt
  • Bignor Park: Dismaying tumble after refusal at fence. Well tried, though
1 Maya Osmaston
  • Pondtail Lane: Pinging tail-bandage incident with Auntie Cate. Cover-up launched. Unsuccessful - you can't hide from Tumblers' all-seeing gaze
1 Amy Osmaston
  • Uppark: Youngest Osmaston scion on canter, abrupt halt and side-door scenario. Membership of a hunting dynasty offers no protection from Tumblers' pitiless eye
1 Robert Mardles
  • Littleton Farm: Unspecified incident resulting in unusually large splash
1 Stu Packham
  • Coombelands: A 'Belly Special'. Completely through the ears at the speed of light. Really quite remarkable
1 George Grammer
  • Littleton Farm: Bumped off en route to his own meet. Tumblers Ladder is no respecter of status (though it does like a port now and again)
1 Hughie Graham-Watson
  • Toby Stone: Quivered off by pony. Like a jelly, only child shaped
1 Amina Finch
  • Bat & Ball: Friend of Catherine Barnwell in act of sympathy. Greater love hath no friend of Catherine's that she should lay down..., well just lay down really
1 Nonie Uloth
  • Toby Stone: Ready for her close-up. Like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard she was never NOT going to make an appearance... you kinda knew that. Season finale from last year's champ. The End. Dissolve to black