CL&C FUN RIDES | New dates | All Welcome!

Join us this summer for a fun & friendly hack through the beautiful West Sussex countryside. Our guided rides take in private farmland, woodland, forest and the bridleways of the South Downs with stunning views across the county.

● New routes each week
● Rides last 1 ½-2 hours
● Easy & safe parking
● Compliant with Government & BHS safety standards for Covid-19


Ride times will generally be available from 9am until around 10.30 in small groups of no more than 5 guests while restrictions are in place. Let us know your timing preference when booking.
Riders over 12 yrs :
Riders 12 & under :
£15 (see rules for u18s below)

Locations are as follows. Detailed parking information will be provided upon booking.


11th July - Milland (Route 1)

Parking at Redford Farm, Milland, GU30 7NF

18th July - Sutton

Parking at Strood Farm, Petworth, GU28 0JN

1st August - Cocking Down/Charlton Forest

Parking at Manor Farm, Cocking, GU29 0HJ

8th August - Milland (Route 2)

Parking at Lyford Farm, GU30 7NA
At the moment rides will be guided in small groups of no more than 5 guests but this may change based on Government Covid-19 rules. You can book individually or book in with friends as long as no single group is larger than 5 people. We may be able to accommodate faster and slower groups (walk & trot only, or with some canter) so let us know your preference when you book in. Ride whatever you normally ride in but safety hats, suitable riding footwear & safe tack are essential.
Children are welcome. Children 12 yrs & under must have mounted adult supervision (18 yrs+). This chaperone may not be responsible for more than two children 12 yrs & under. Children aged 13-17yrs must have an adult staying at parking. All children must ride with emergency p
arental contact information for the day.


Entries open until 10am the Friday before the ride or when the ride is full.
Book in by emailing the form attached to Nadine Crouch at

For further assistance please call
Nadine on
07973 182414



From Diane and David Evans with Drama and Draftsman

The other evening I could not find my iPhone. I searched until midnight, went to bed and resumed searching the following morning. Nothing. I contacted Apple support and got taken through the Find My iPhone app - no result apart from locking the phone. Despair frustration and searching on.
But even Apple can’t match the powers of a foxhound puppy. As I left the haystore, a smiling wife appeared waving the iPhone! She had found Drama (well named) the bitch puppy proudly carrying it round the orchard. Where it had been in the meantime we shall never know!

Thank you for this amusing update!






From Deborah and Michael Boulton
Drastic and Drizzle are now big enough to go on longer walks so we have ventured out in the car. They are the first in all the years I have been walking puppies to not have any accidents in the car. They seem to love their travels  and often don’t want to get out when we get back home.
We took them up to the downs for a change of scenery and some new smells. They were very well behaved and even stayed with us when we were passed by other people and dogs. They loved running through the wheat fields.
This weekend we took them to the beach. I kept them on the leads until we got to a quiet place as I think the temptation of people sitting on blankets would have been too great. They both just have to say hello to everyone they meet, especially small children which are easily knocked over and licked to death. I don’t think picnics would have lasted long either!
They both came into the sea for a paddle which was very brave considering the waves were quite big for them. Drizzle managed to find a dead fish which she didn’t want to share with Drastic so they had a good tugging match. 
Here are some pictures of their time on the beach. 

What an interesting and informative update. Thank you!



From Deborah and Michael Boulton

Drastic and Drizzle are growing fast and have now had their jabs so can go out into the big wide world. We have been out on a number of walks, starting with just going out for a short time as they get very tired with all the new experiences and you don’t want them to over do it as they are growing. The lead training is paying off as I have to walk along a road for a short while to get to the path and they have both been very good. 
They have managed to deal with logs across the path, foot bridges (without falling off them or trying to go into the ditch and not being able to get out) and meeting new people and their dogs. We also saw cows and a lamb. I won’t introduce them to the horses until they are a bit bigger. 
They both have very different personalities. Drizzle although smaller is braver and more out going whereas Drastic will run away and hide. Drastic prefers to follow Drizzle and both are far braver when following our dog Sasha. 

Thank you for this welcome update!


From David and Diane Evans
We, Drama and Draftsman (American spelling!), arrived on 4 April. We live in a large thatched stable with a pen to play in outside in the sun. We have now settled into a good routine - walks in the orchard followed by breakfast; a midday walk followed by lunch; and an evening walk followed by supper. We are put to bed at 7pm.
Meeting chickens is quite fun but large horses are a little scary. We are starting to walk a bit further afield in the paddocks which are great for running around in although our legs get in the way when we build up speed and we do bugs bunny impressions. Drama, the bitch puppy, has no colouring but Draftsman, the dog puppy has brown ears and brown patches on his body.’
Thank you for this amusing update!



From Deborah Boulton …

This year Michael and I are walking Drastic and Drizzle they came to us at 7 weeks old and settled in straight away. They are both bitches, Drizzle was the runt of the litter so she is a bit smaller than Drastic. They both have really good appetites and are growing fast. They won’t have their jabs until they are thirteen weeks old so at the moment they cannot leave the garden. 
Being furloughed I have been able to give them lots of attention. I will spend this time teaching them their names and getting them to respond to them and getting them to walk on a lead. They have been responding well to their names but lead training is taking a bit longer. They love being around us which really helps once we are able to take them out for a walk.

Thank you for this timely update


While we let our youngest puppies (featured recently in the breeding details) settle into their puppy walking homes, we are thrilled to hear from Layla Loughan. The Loughan family are not only walking three of our older puppies this year but also play host our annual clay shoot. This week they are introducing their puppies….

Week 1:
Hello, my name is Layla and I have a brother called, Hendricks, and sister, Matilda. I live at Mill Farm Lurgashall with our parents called Andrew and Jenny.
In 2019, we did our first ever puppy walking experience. Which was great fun. Last year we had three dogs called
Regent, Redditch and Rector.
On the 19 January 2020, we went to visit three hound puppies they were all bitches. They were born on 11 December which made them only six weeks old. On the 24 January we went to pick up the beautiful hounds, and we brought them back to our farm. 
When we pick the pups up, we are given a list of names starting with the first two letters of the dad’s name. They also have to be two syllables. 
The three names we picked were:
Smasher, Smoky and Smidgen
Week 2:
Whilst the pups don’t have their jabs, we are lucky enough to still be able to exercise them each day on our farm. But when they have their jabs we can take them further and introduce them to new sites, animals and vehicles.
After increasing their fitness, we started lead training them as well as individual. They are also introduced to different animals for example cats, horses, ducks and chickens, sheep and pigs.
Every day we have to feed the pups mince from the kennels and they have bones to chew on

 Thank you for this most informative update!


Ever wondered what walking hound puppies entails? Want to get to know our future entry?
We are very lucky to be able to give you an insight into what our hound pups are getting up to with their walkers this year. We would like to thank the walkers, who will be introduced soon, for taking the time to send us some photos and details of their escapades!To introduce them, here is the breeding history and a little interesting info. Many thanks to two of our Hound Trustees,
Mr Nigel Peel MFH and Mrs Shirley Reed for helping to put this part together. 


Draycott was Unentered Reserve Champion at Peterborough and Unentered Champion at Bulith Wells. He is a terrific dog in his work. His sister, Drumbeat, was walked for Mr Peel by Robert and Jane Myam, who when they lived at Steepwood, Adbersane, were great supporters of the CL&C.


26th August - Scent Trailing 067
The subscription rates together with up-to-date information on the cap has now been published. Please click on ‘Subscriptions & Cap’ (opposite). Please note: A special rate for newcomers is being introduced 2 days @ £40, so please let any interested parties know…

Although our hunting days are traditionally Wednesdays and Saturdays, please note that in order to make full use of available country during the shooting season, we may occasionally meet on an alternative weekday (at the Wednesday cap).

Parents please remind yourselves about the rules regarding your little ones when they come out with us.

QUIZ | May 6

You've asked, so we are offering….our second quiz on Wednesday 6th May
Quiz at 8.00pm but why not join us from 7.45 pm to have a quick catch up before the serious business! 
Will it be the same top 5?
EVERYONE WELCOME for this general knowledge quiz, just forward the link to anyone else who wishes to join in. 
See ‘Speak’ for link…

END of SEASON PARTY | Cancelled

In light of the public health situation, we have decided we must cancel this event. We are sure you understand.


HUNT BALL | Save the Date | November 14

DSC_3590-2 6 x 4

The Hunt Ball committee are delighted to confirm a brand new venue for this years ball being held on

Saturday 14th November 2020
We will be dining, drinking, dancing and bidding at....
The Gridshell
Weald & Downland 
PO18 0EU  
Tickets will be available soon — keep an eye out in the post


THE GREAT CL&C BAKE-OFF | Lodsworth Village Hall

The CL&C Hunt Supporters Club 
Bangers ‘n’ Mash evening
Friday 28th February 2020,
7 o’clock
Lodsworth Village Hall

will feature
The Great CLC Bake-Off

Pasted Graphic 1


 Pit your skills to create a sponge-type cake of any flavour, with decoration to be hunting themed, roughly A4 in size, square, rectangular or round. (cakes will be cut for the judge to taste)

We are lucky to have a very special judge for this event
…. and not forgetting

The Great CLC Taste-Off

Pasted Graphic 2

Bring a sample of your favourite home-made hunting tipple
Our enthusiastic, expert judge will choose a winner
Tickets for the evening can be pre-booked (and paid for, please) with Sheila :

01798 342990/

SAVE THE DATE! | Hunt Ball | 14 November 2020


Save the Date

The Hunt Ball

November 14

More details to follow

OPENING MEET SUPPER | November 9 | The Royal Oak, Midhurst

Opening Meet Supper with Guest Speaker Andrew Osborne M.F.H.

Saturday 9 November 2019
The Royal Oak, Midhurst, GU29 0EP
7.00pm for dinner at 7.30pm


Come along and enjoy hearty British food in a cosy pub with plenty of hunting anecdotes from Andrew Osborne, who is a previous huntsman and current master of the Cottesmore.

Main courses :
Slow cooked Brisket of Beef: Roasted Carrots, Parsnips, Horseradish Mash and a Guinness Gravy
Slow-cooked Belly of Pork: Sage, Apple and Black Pudding Stuffing and a Borlotti bean Ragoût
Fillet of Hake: Wilted spinach, Crushed New Potatoes and a Chive Lemon Butter Sauce
Roasted Mediterranean tart: Roasted Red Pepper Coulis and Roasted Garlic Potatoes
Puddings :
Selection of ice creams and sorbets
Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte with Clotted Cream and Raspberries
Bourbon Caramel Pecan Pie with Vanilla Ice cream
Unlimited tea/coffee : (Special tea/coffees to be ordered and paid for at the bar please.)

2 course dinner with tea/coffee @ £32.50 per person.
To book, send your menu choices and a cheque payable to CLC Hunt to Storme Rees, 21 Wyndham Road, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0EB
or bank transfer to Acc. No 66012333 Sort Code 60 02 31 with a reference of “Supper” and email your menu choices to