Hunt Supporters' Club:
Bangers 'n’ Mash

and, as  importantly, with added:

Horn Blowing & Holloa-ing 
January 18, 2019
Lodsworth Village Hall
7.00 for 7.30

Tombola, Guess the Meet competition, Table Top Quiz

Tickets to be bought in advance. Sheila will have tickets with her at meets or ring her or call/email her on
01798 342990, or email slillywhite4@gmail.com

Adults £10.00 - Children £5.00

CAROL SINGING | December 17 | The Stag Inn

Carol Singing at the Stag Inn, Balls Cross at 7.30pm
BamBam says “Actually I won’t be there myself as I was released into the wild — gosh must be a decade ago now, but I exist as a handy cipher for CL&C Christmas in the absence of anything else… Frankly no-one knows where on earth I am. Do I still exist? Do any of us really exist? What exactly is ‘existence’? These metaphysical questions will not be addressed this evening, but we will be saying ‘ding-dong-merrily’ a lot.”

LIFE on the EDGE

Many of you will have heard of Tristan Voorspuy, some may even have been lucky enough to join him on one of his thrilling Offbeat riding safaris in Kenya. Having founded the safari company that was to make his name in 1990, Tristan went on to transform a destitute ranch in northern Kenya into a superb wildlife reserve, profitable cattle ranch and acclaimed tourist destination. He led a full, colourful and inspirational life, and true to form, died defending his property from armed invaders in March 2017.
Having been brought up in rural Sussex, Tristan loved hunting from an early age and never missed the opportunity of a day’s sport during his return to the UK each November. In 1997 Tristan took on east Africa’s last surviving hunt when the previous master left him the pack in his will.

Undeterred by the challenges of running a hunt in post-colonial Africa, Tristan and his wife Cindy set about improving the pack with a draft from the East Cornwall and throwing lavish fund raising hunt balls at Deloraine, the Voorspuy’s imposing family home on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. An early morning hunt with Ginger Bell’s hounds became an obligatory adventure for any hunting client at the end of their safari, and the hunt flourished for a decade before eventual disbandment.
Life on the Edge is my second book, and the story of Tristan’s fascinating and extraordinary life, which, as the title suggests, was characterised by danger, excitement and adventure. A donation is being made for every copy sold to the charitable trust set up in Tristan’s name, The Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust.
Signed copies of
Life on the Edge cost £20 and are available by visiting www.adriandangar.com or by contacting me by email on adrian.dangar@virgin.net
Please do forward this email to anyone who knew Tristan or you feel may be interested.


Funny how it all comes around again. We are head over heels with anticipation for another barnstorming season and not just from the legend that is, was and will always be Miss Jo Burdett. Prepare to abandon all dignity (like Miss Jo Burdett). This season, in a effort to keep the Edge family solvent, children under ten will only incur fines of £2 and there will be sensible ‘capping’ for repeat offenders. Despite appearances, Miss Jo Burdett is over ten-years-old.


With Opening Meet ahead of us and on the basis that Christmas is just around the corner, you know you’ve got to think about cards. You have to. Come on. Don’t put it off. It’ll get you in the end. Start gently with the official Hunt Supporters Christmas card. How seasonal can you can get? It is landscape sized and measures roughly 6in by 4in and is of superb quality. They come in packs of 10 (and complete with envelopes). The price? A bargain at £5 With no fatuous seasonal greeting printed inside, they double as handy notelets (yes, it’s a horrible word but a useful one) for all those ‘Thank-you’ letters

Sheila will have them with her at all meets from now on and then in the run up to Christmas. You can also order them from her on
01798 342990.



JOE_9165 (1)

Sponsored Ride at Cowdray.
Back in May this raised nearly £13,000 for the hunt and forMacmillan Cancer Care. This means after costs, a cheque to each of £5875. This is a tremendous result. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all those who helped set up, take down and for their head work on the day itself. The cheques were handed over at a party for prizewinners and helpers held at the Forester’s Arms, Graffham …


The first
Team Clay Shoot was a resounding success on Sunday. Dare we say it went out with a bang? We may.

Huge thanks to
Andrew and Jenny Loughan at Mill Farm, Rakers for the gorgeous trophies, the Hunt Supporters for the loan of the marquee and BBQ and to the following wonderful helpers on the day: Karen Barker, Zoe Brackpool, Karen Dallyn, Lindsey Ellis, Tim Mardles and Mark Rees, .

Many congratulations to the winning team,
TEAM REED, consisting of Andrew Cox, Dominic Gardner, Georgie Marland, George Mayhew and Mike Smith with chef d’equipe Martin Reed


2nd PALLINGHAM (Andy Cooper, Jack Hendy, Tom Hickman, Mike Stanley, Rob Wilkins)

3rd CHRIMONICH (Monty Dix, Nimrod Dix, Richard Powell, Jack Smallman, Charles Voyantzis)

4th 3 AMIGOS, BILL & BEN (Dominic Geary, Jayne Geary, Martin Geary, Mark Rees, Gerald Whittaker)

5th McDAVID (Jack Baird, Nick Baird, Julia McDavid, Olivia McDavid, William McDavid)

6th CRASHING BORES (James Davis, James Patrick, Andrew Reed, Julian Trumper)

7th SMALL BORES (Lucy Hobden, Will Hobden, William Tompkins, William Trumper)

8th DALLYN (Lee Dallyn, Nigel Dallyn, Rodney Jeffries, James Spriggings, Chris Vincent)

9th STUBBS (Henry Bourne, Nick Denning, Charles Homan MFH, Andrew Stephenson, Richard Stubbs)

10th SAM’S ELITE (Sam Ellis, David Stotter, Fred Thompson, Dave Tracey, John

11th ALLINGHAM (Lawrence Abel, Alfie Allingham, Coco Allingham, Owain Jones, Millie

12th BAKER (Casper Baker, Charlie Baker, Harry Baker, Portia Baker, Simon Gray)

13th SHITTY, SHITTY, BANG, BANG! (James Bengyfield, Simon Craig, Jim Forshaw, Josh
Read, Rob Terpstra)

14th BIG BORES (Mark Hobden. Harry Patrick, Charles Reed, David Reed, David Trafford)

HUNTER TRIALS | Sunday October 7

Sunday 7th October Many of you have been asking for it….so here it is... the hunter trial schedule is attached here

Entries are open via


We would welcome any offers of help and if you would like to compete
and help then we will do everything we can to accommodate.
If you've never helped then come along and have a go, a full briefing and support whilst on course. It's a great way to see how the day runs from a different perspective… and the day can not go ahead without the amazing team of volunteers.

Please contact
Storme on 07765 124955 or stormewhit@gmail.com 


A wet (!) day saw a super turnout from enthusiasts vying for the trophies. The results follow:-
Family Dog Show :
Best Variety Dog or Bitch -
Teazel | Clive Mellor
Terrier Show :
Puppy Championship -
Dolly | Kelly Thompson
CL&C HSC Member - Layla | Andrew Loughan
Best Border - Bullet | Jo Hughes
Best Dog - Troy  | Charlie Street
Best Bitch -   Dotty | Melissa James
Championship - Troy | Charlie Street
Lurcher Show :
Champion under 24" -
Echo | Tom Anderson
Champion over 24" - Yoni | Kevin Dominey
Working Lurcher - Good Dog | Lana Gazder
Lurcher Show Overall Champion - Echo| Tom Anderson
The following qualified for the Stonelands Terrier Champion of Champions on 30th September at the Southwest Lurcher Show :

| Charlie Street

and the
Countryman's Weekly Champion of Champions Final at the Midlands Game Fair on 15th - 16th September :

Champion Lurcher -
Echo | Tom Anderson
Champion Terrier - Troy | Charlie Street
Reserve Lurcher - Yoni | Kevin Dominey
Reserve Terrier - Dotty | Melissa James
Thank you to all who took part.

Hunt Relay Team | New Forest Show


(Rachel Stanley,  Rachael Morley,  Fiona Dallyn and Candice Dunlop)
went to the New Forest Show yesterday.  They jumped 2 rounds in blistering heat with the Cottesmore, Wilton and the Avon Vale hunts and at length drew for first place with the Avon Vale in what the organisers described as ”The most exciting final ever SEEN" Candice absolutely flew towards the finish neck-and-neck with her opponent surrounded by hundreds of excited people.

What a terrific success at such a prestigious event!

Puppy Show (2018) | RESULTS


Mr Matthew Puffer and Mr Andrew Sallis MFH

1. Dante (walked by Mr Roger Jarrad)
2. Radar (walked by Mrs Diane Evans)
Waggoner (walked by Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)

Ratify (walked by Mrs Deborah Boulton)
Damson (walked by Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)
3. Dainty (walked by Mr Charles Homan MFH)

Doghound : Dante
Bitch : Ratify
Champion : Ratify

Cup Winners
The Hunt Supporters Cup : Radical (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Graffham Cup : Draper (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Kathleen Elwin Cup : Delilah (Mr & Mrs David Subtil)
The Masters Cup : Maverick (Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)
The Shirley Reed Cup : Bobbin (Mrs Deborah Boulton)
The Harold Wait Cup : Mafia (The Hoskins Family)
The Joy and Stan Mayes Trophy : Farmer (Mr & Mrs David Subtil)


Ardingly (2018) 2Having missed the Surrey Union Hound show, this was our first outing of the showing season it was a most encouraging start — even though we took no unentered hounds on this occasion. Once again, we faced fierce competition from the four-day-a-week packs, the Heythrop and the VWH who rightly did well all day, but we more than held our own in several classes. In the dog hound classes we were rewarded with the Championship and in the bitches the Local Championship. The judges were: 

Mr Jeremy Reed M.F.H. and Mr Trevor Adams (dogs) 
Mr Richard Tyacke M.F.H. and Mr Charles Clark M.F.H. (bitches)

Class 1 : Best Entered Doghound :
1st  CL&C Droitwich (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)


(2nd:  CL&C Dragon;  3rd:  Surrey Union: Trader)
Class 3 : Best Couple of Entered Doghounds :
2nd  CL&C Dragon & Draper  (Goschen Challenge Trophy)
(1st:  VWH  Fielding & Paragon;  3rd:  Kimblewick: Botham & Forecourt)
Class 4 : Best Two Couple of Entered Doghounds :
3rd  CL&C Dragon & Draper; Maestro and Malham  (June Wood Memorial Trophy)
(1st:  VWH  2nd:  Heythrop)
Class 6 : Championship Best Doghound
Champion: CL&C Dragon  (Barlow Perpetual Challenge Cup)


Reserve:  VWH Fielding
Local Champion: CL&C Dragon  (Robson Challenge Trophy)


Class 7: Best Entered Bitch Hound
1st  CL&C Delilah (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)
(2nd:  Old Berks Dante;  3rd:  Crawley & Horsham: Beanie)
Class 12 : Championship Best Bitch Hound
Local Champion: CL&C Delilah (Robson Challenge Trophy)
Champion: Heythrop Static
Reserve:  VWH Haughty


Whithurst Park
RH14 0JS

(by kind permission of Richard Taylor & Rick Englert)

Saturday 21st July 2018

Drinks Reception :

Dinner and Dancing 

Dress : Summer Chic

Auction of Promises

Tickets :

Carriages :

Ticket application form here

Cowdray Sponsored Ride


The Cowdray Sponsored Ride took place, not unexpectedly, in Cowdray Country, starting and finishing at Benbow Ponds. We were ridiculously fortunate with the weather. The sun shone all day and, we’re told, there was a record number of entries beforehand and on the day. So well done everyone for turning out and up and taking part. Huge thanks from Macmillan and the CL&C to chief organisers Joan Langmead and Philip Prior. The former’s stewards did a sterling job and there were no calamities of any magnitude. The latter, in charge of the contingent from the Scouts, made the day happen and, as always, we owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Of course, it really couldn’t happen without support from Lord Cowdray and his team at the Estate Office too, for which huge thanks.

SAVE THE DATE | Summer Party | July 21

H | H (issue 21) | Meet Host (LEFT PIC) ORIGINALSave the Date
Saturday | July 21st 2018 | 7.30pm
 CL&C Summer Party

 Whithurst Park Kirdford

(by kind permission of Mr. Richard Taylor and Mr. Rick Englert)