Team Gold!


Master Vicki Wilkins reports: Kate Simmonds, Harry Wilkins and Alice Crowley (here with India Piper-Dadswell from the East Sussex) (second left) were selected as part of team of 4 to represent the British Showjumping Sussex Area at the National Inter Academy Championships. They won gold defeating 24 teams from all over the UK. In addition Alice won individual gold and Kate was 4th individually. All 3 of them hunt regularly with the Chid and Lec on these very versatile and talented ponies.”

Giant Sunflower Competition | Winner

The results are in from the panel of distinguished judges (Sheila and Tim). In a hotly-contested competition with entries from far and near, we can announce that the cultivator of the tallest sunflower in our hunt country (as far as we were aware by the closing date) is….Alfie Summerhayes

As you can see Alfie’s sunflower is
gigantic, coming in at a whopping  9 ft 3 in, which is something equally huge in metric and so enormous that our very tall First Whip had to stand on part of a ladder, which frankly is not as secured as we might hope for this purpose, but the message is clear: this is one prize-winning sunflower!

Reid Summerhayes, also pictured here, accepted the prize on behalf of Alfie.

Countrymans's Day | July 30 | Strood Farm, Petworth

Sunday 30 July
STROOD FARM, BYWORTH outside Petworth
11:00 am
If you have never entered a Dog show or Ferret Show, had a go at dog agility or raced your Terrier, don’t be shy, this is the ideal opportunity.
This is a friendly traditional show with the emphasis on fun., fun, fun…

Cowdray Sponsored Ride Party | The Angel Hotel | June 30

The Sponsored Ride at Cowdray back in May raised nearly £7000 for the hunt and Macmillan Cancer Care. This is a tremendous result. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all those who helped set up, take down and for their head work on the day itself. At party for prizewinners held at the Angel Hotel, Petworth, Nadine Crouch stepped down as secretary after several years and was presented with a bouquet by Mrs Joan Langmead, who has worked on its success for many, many years. Cheques and salvers were awarded to thos who raised the most money. The winner was longtime supporter Laura Funnell.

How the Hunt Can Save Your LIfe!

Master Charles learned his CPR training from Joe Bird. It’s a requirement that the Hunt has qualified first-aiders. On June 17, at Trotton, he put it into actionFrom the Midhurst and Petworth Observer
imageDean Davie from Bromley, was cycling from Guildford to Portsmouth with his 18 year old son Jed and three friends, when he collapsed and fell from his bike, not breathing and with no pulse, outside the home of Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt Master of Foxhounds Charles Homan and his wife Colleen.

“I was working on the patio when we heard his son bellowing for help,” said Charles, “I ran down to see what was happening and saw Dean on the ground. He was not breathing and basically dead. A fellow villager Veronica Carter stopped and phoned 999 and I ran to get Dr Priscilla Noble-Mathews who is a emergency medic. Then with my wife overseeing Dean, I jumped in the car and collected the defibrillator from the telephone box in Mill Lane.”

Charles was trained to use the life saving machine through the hunt and putting his new knowledge into action, he got Dean breathing again.

A team of villagers carried on giving him CPR before paramedics, the air and road ambulance crews and police arrived.
“Dean is now in QA Hospital at Portsmouth and has been responding well to treatment considering what he has been through,” said Charles. “He was reportedly joking with the doctors on Sunday night and managed to get out of bed and sit up.”

The idea of installing the Trotton defibrillator came from the late parish council chairman Chris Hodgson. Parish councillors had it installed and offered training to local people.
“It is brilliant - so clever and easy to use and talking to you telling you what to do all the time,” said Charles. “All villages should investigate getting one as Dean would not be with us without it.
“The message is, find out where the defibrillator is i…

South of England Show | RESULTS

The CL&C had a very encouraging start to the main showing season. We could show only the dog hounds because Mr Nigel Peel, one of our Hound Trustees, was judging the bitches; but it was an exciting morning.  Once again, we faced fierce competition from the always highly-fancied Heythrop, who did well (and rightly so).

The judges were: 
Mr Martin Scott and Mr Rory Knight-Bruce

Class 1 : Best Entered Doghound :
1st  CL&C Mascot  (The Gregson Perpetual Challenge Cup)
(3rd:  Old Berks Broker;  2nd:  E. Sussex & Romney Marsh: Darwin)
Class 2 : Best Couple of Unentered Doghounds :
2nd  CL&C Dragon and Droitwitch  
(3rd:  Crawley & Horsham Safeguard & Samson; 1st:  Heythrop  Rambler & Rancher)
Reserve: CL&C Dragon
(Champion:  Heythrop Rancher)
Class 3 : Best Couple of Entered Doghounds :
1st  CL&C Mandate & Mascot 
(The Weller Perpetual Challenge Cup and Goschen Challenge Trophy)
(3rd:  Surrey Union  Stinger & Stockman;  2nd:  Heythrop: Wooton & Worcester)
 Class 5 : Best Stallion Hound :
1st  CL&C Grafton  (The Anthony Hart Memorial Cup)
( 3rd: Southdown & Eridge  Dasher; 2nd  Heythrop Wooton)
Class 6 : Best Doghound
Reserve: CL&C Dragon (Challenge Trophy for Local Championship)
Champion:  Heythrop Rancher
Class 13 : The Barclay Perpetual Challenge Cup for Best Overall Performance
The CL&C Hunt 

HORN & HOUND | New issue | OUT NOW

Horn & Hound 21 (Spring/Summer), the magazine of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Hunt is now on sale at £3. Or you can order directly from (please add £1 for p&p)

Happy Days Are Here Again  …
IMG_4359 (1)
The Season in Pictures….From Pitshill to Fitzhall…. Correct Attire with Violet, Duchess of Westminster … Hunting Hero : Jack Mytton, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know  John Humphreys on the sporting parson… The Story of Molecomb : Yesterday and Today by James Peill … Pictures from the past… Jemima Taylor goes the full round with Harry Meade… Confessions of a Local Farrier… We love our Whithurst hosts….Hic! One for the Road with Nicola Swinney… Hic Two! Bon Viveur: Rupert Uloth’s restaurant review … The Spectator’s James Delingpole is in too deep… Rory Knight Bruce on our complicated relationship with Vulpes Vulpes... Tenue de Chasse … The Last Great Party… With photographs by Sue and Joe Bird, Colin Barker, Henry Dallal, Vanessa Taylor Paolo Roversi and Tim Walker

Back issues are available too (numbers 2 - 9 and 11 - 20) £3

The Puppy Show (2017) | RESULTS


Judges: Mr Martin Scott and Mr Matt Ramsden MFH

1. Dragon (walked by Mrs Diane Evans)
2. Droitwich (walked by Mrs Diane Evans)
Maestro ((walked by Mr Tom Simmonds)

Delilah (walked by Mr and Mrs David Subtil)
Doublet (walked by Mrs Deborah Boulton)
3. Doubtless (walked by Mrs Deborah Boulton)

Doghound : Dragon
Bitch : Delilah
Champion : Dragon

Cup Winners
The Hunt Supporters Cup : Delilah (Mr & Mrs David Subtil)
The Graffham Cup : Caliph (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Kathleen Elwin Cup : Calico (Mrs Deborah Boulton)
The Masters Cup : Mandate (Mr & Mrs David Hayes)
The Shirley Reed Cup : Marble (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Harold Wait Cup : Strongbow (Miss Tinka Allingham)
The Joy and Stan Mayes Trophy : Gregory (Mr Reid Summerhayes)

Summer Party | Strood Farm | May 20


Saturday 20th May 2017

At Strood Farm Petworth

(by kind permission of Karen & Lee Dallyn)
Hog roast, bar and dancing
Tickets are on sale now,

*** New Price ***

Tickets £10     

book with Sheila 01798 342990

Season Finale | The Toby Stone | The Hunt Button


The season drew to a close at the Toby Stone on a glorious day and with an equally glorious meet thrown by Mrs Annie Eccles, her daughter Sophie Granlund, Sophie’s husband, Charles and Annie’s brother-in-law George Grammer and other family members. Full hunt buttons were awarded to Charlotte Allday, Tinka Allingham, Katharine Burgdorf, Zoe Edge, Louise Evans, Lise Hutton, Sarah Salter, Simon Stillwell, Richard Stubbs, Angela Tebbitt, and Rob Wilkins with the junior button to Martha Rogerson and foot followers button to Christopher Riddy.

CL&C in the News | Horse & Hound

IMG_8242 (1)

As the year ends and the first half of the season, Horse & Hound features us in this week’s issue (out today) with a four page article — and very complimentary it is. The writer Catherine Austen joined us at Mockbeggars. The title to the piece comes courtesy of co-meet host, Harriet Charles — and very apposite it is too.


Pasted Graphic
If you are intending to come out mounted with us, you must download and sign the attached disclaimer. 
Those who have subscribed will have signed one already and returned it to Secretary Deborah, who keeps a record.  If you haven’t, please do so. 

You will need to sign one whether you come out once or on several occasions, though obviously you need to do so only once per season. 

If you are bringing friends, it would help hugely if you warned them in advance that they must do this.
The Secretaries will be happy to take them from you on the day but they
must be completed in advance.

You can find the disclaimer

Red Ribbons

red ribbon
In advance of the new season, perhaps this is a good moment to remind you about the wearing of red ribbons.
Firstly, it is the absolute responsibility of anyone who rides a horse that is liable to kick that they keep them well away from others and in particular children.
As regards red ribbons – wearing a red ribbon as a warning to other riders is no excuse
whatsoever for allowing your horse to join the throng.
If you think that your horse is not to be trusted and you feel you need to wear a red ribbon then please note that this also necessitates keeping that horse well away from the field – at the back.
The principle of wearing a red ribbon does not absolve individual responsibility. 

Subscriptions (2016-7)

26th August - Scent Trailing 067
The subscription rates together with up-to-date information on the cap has now been published. Please click on ‘Subscriptions & Cap’ (opposite). The ‘Full Weekday Subscription’ has been a great success and continues to run alongside the ‘Full Subscription’. For those who cannot make use of either full subscription, the 10-day ticket options (Saturday and Wednesday) are still available.

Although our hunting days are traditionally Wednesdays and Saturdays, please note that in order to make full use of available country during the shooting season, we may occasionally meet on an alternative weekday (at the Wednesday cap).

Parents please remind yourselves about the rules regarding your little ones when they come out with us.

Please note that Hon Sec
Deborah Boulton is again in charge of subscriptions this season and is happy to answer any questions you might have, as indeed are any of the three secretaries.

Hirelings for the New Season

For the coming season, our friends at The Plantation Bramdean and at Horse Riding Surrey will have hirelings available ….

The Plantation Bramdean has horses available for hire — all shapes, sizes and ability available. From thrusting at the front to hacking at the back of the field, we can supply a horse available to suit everyone’s needs. We deliver horses to the meet and provide an escort service if needed. Horses available to try and hack before the hunting day if needed. Please contact Julie Butler on 07771 634718 or


Horse Riding Surrey are based (as might be supposed) in Surrey. They have a selection of seasoned hunters ranging from 15.2 hh to 16.3hh, most of whom have competed either in eventing or show-jumping. Their web address, featuring most of their hunters, can be found at: To make an enquiry or to book, please contact Alex Marsh on

Group Hankley